Accessible Mobile Apps Weekly - Issue #8

Hello everyone,

Today I learned that July is Disability Pride Month, a month to "celebrate disability as an identity by sharing the experiences of the disabled community." Take a moment this month to like, share, or just say "thank you" to any teams you see making an effort to make their products more accessible. (Shout out to Discord, and their accessibility updates released this month.)

Have a great week, and as always, feel free to send me suggestions for the next issue via email ( or Twitter.

- Robin

Mystery Tool from APPT

APPT is working on a tool to make accessible mobile app development easier. Sign up on their site to be on the list of beta testers:

Alt Text for Memes

Ever wondered how to write alt text for memes? This article tells you how.

Survey for Cognitive Accessibility

Do you work a lot with cognitive accessibility? WC3 has a survey out where you can give them some feedback as they add more guidelines on this subject. You can read their existing guidelines here.

Double Tap TV

Double Tap TV makes a trip to Canada to host a town hall episode on the state of accessibility before and after COVID-19.



AppleVis has an article "For iOS Developers: Taking Your Accessibility from Good to Great". If you're new to AppleVis, be sure to check out their developer resources page.

Door Detection in iOS 16

How to Use Door Detection in iOS 16

Daniel is still going strong, on day 52 of his #365DaysIOSAccessibility


Accessibility test framework and Espresso - Accessibility on Android


Here's an article about the technical side of TalkBack on Android, called "A Technical Introduction to Google TalkBack"

Did you know?

Accessibility Scanner is built right into Android Studios:

7 Android Accessibility Tweaks to Set Up a Phone for Seniors

An article written for seniors, that gives a good perspective on how accessibility features are useful for this audience.