Accessible Mobile Apps Weekly - Issue #29

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Accessibility Acceptance Criteria

"Automatically generate test cases for Web, iOS and Android components" -

Colorblindly Chrome Extension

"Colorblindly is an extension that helps developers create websites for the people with colorblindness by allowing them to simulate the experience those users have on websites." -


The Greatest | Apple

Inside Apple's Developer Academy, where future app developers are being taught to put disability first

"Students are being taught that accessibility is not an afterthought but a moral obligation" -

iOS 16 Accessibility: How to Use Live Captions and Accessibility Shortcuts

"What are Live Captions? They’re automatic captions that use your iPhone’s microphone to add captions for any speech it hears in the world around the iPhone or inside the apps." -


Reading Mode App, by Google

Reading mode: A more accessible screen reading experience on Android
NEW Reading Mode App for Android | App for the Visually Impaired #Accessibility

Compose Camp

Google's new Compose Camp includes a track "Accessibility, testing, and performance" -


Software Engineer - TikTok Accessibility, Android -