Accessible Mobile Apps Weekly - Issue #27

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Webinar: Why Accessibility is So Important for Native Mobile Apps

"Join this live webinar on Thursday, December 1st from 2:00-3:00 PM Eastern Time (ET)." -

Sight Tech Global's agenda is live!

"Sight Tech Global is the first global, virtual conference dedicated to fostering discussion among technology pioneers on how rapid advances in AI and related technologies will fundamentally alter the landscape of assistive technology and accessibility." -

Webinar: Demystifying Web Accessibility

Nov 23, 2022 10:00 AM in Eastern Time (US and Canada), by Women Who Code, register here:

10 Ways to Make Your Mobile App Accessible

"Mobile app accessibility is required to make your app highly usable for people with disabilities who may want to access it. Mobile website accessibility and other digital forms of accessibility are equally important to maximize usage and include people with all types of disabilities. Otherwise, you’re severely restricting your app’s audience." -


AirPods Pro can act as affordable hearing aids, as good as far more expensive devices, shows study

"AirPods Pro can serve as affordable hearing aids, with one study suggesting that they perform as well as dedicated devices costing four-figure sums.: -

Apple Accessibility with Ian Mackay (Part 1)

Apple Accessibility with Ian Mackay (Part 1)


Building accessibility support for Compose

"Jetpack Compose is Android’s new toolkit for building native UI. Hear what it took to build a new UI toolkit to be compatible with accessibility services. This talk aims to help developers gain a deeper understanding of how various accessibility services, such as TalkBack and Switch Access, are able to understand and monitor the state of the UI in an Android app."

Building accessibility support for Compose

State Descriptions on Android

"Learn what state descriptions are, why they’re important for accessibility and how you can use them on older versions of Android." -

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Google Developer Journey, November 2022

"Developer Journey is a new monthly series to spotlight diverse and global developers sharing relatable challenges, opportunities, and wins in their journey."

Meet Richard Knowles. "As a dev with sensorineural hearing loss, he urges devs to prioritize accessibility and make it a habit." -