Accessible Mobile Apps Weekly - Issue #5

Hello everyone, and welcome to issue #5 of Accessible Mobile Apps Weekly!

This week, I've found a few blogs, videos, and job postings for you. As always, send me an email if you’ve got something to share for issue #6:

- Robin

Accessibility Personas

Does your team create accessibility personas? Here's an interesting blog on how to create these personas and some examples of what they would look like.

Change Management for Accessibility

Deque is writing a series on change management for accessibility. Here's part 1.

Accessibility Legislation

Ever wondered what accessibility legislation exists for your country or all over the world? Browse accessibility legislation by country here.


Xcode Cloud

Xcode Cloud is now live. If the cost of automated tests on CI platforms was keeping you from writing more accessibility tests, you now have another option, starting at $15/month.

Tutorial: Audio Graph in SwiftUI

Take a minute this week to make an audio graph with SwiftUI, using this tutorial from Ray Wenderlich.

SwiftUI Accessibility Part 2

Read about the "goodies and gotchas" in SwiftUI when it comes to accessibility, in part 2 of Deque's series.

What's Reduce White Point?


What's new in Accessibility for developers:

What's new in Accessibility for developers

Sound Amplifier

Ever tried the sound amplifier tool on your device? This article shows you how you can test it out.

Lookout Images Mode


Principal Engineer on Accessibility Team at Nike

Read the full job description here.

Accessibility Engineer at Airbnb

See the job description here on LinkedIn.

Calling all accessibility testers!

Calling all accessibility testers!

Want to be paid to test mobile apps for accessibility? Sign up here to be a tester.