Accessible Mobile Apps Weekly - Issue #4

Hello everyone !

This was a big week for iOS developers because of WWDC. In case you missed some of the accessibility announcements, there was a coding challenge "Learn Switch Control through gaming", and an interesting session on Single App Mode, one on accessible charts, and much more. Now that WWDC is over, you can watch the replays without the rush. :)

As always, send me an email if you’ve got something to share for issue #5:

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Open source, anyone?

APPT is looking for both iOS and Android contributors for their accessibility code examples repo on Github. Why not spend a bit of time this week helping them with an example?

What's with accessibility "overlays" on the web?

If you follow any web accessibility experts on social media, you've surely seen some angry tweets about "accessibility overlays". Here's a short article that talks about these overlay products, so you can understand what all those tweets are about.


Updated Human Interface Guidelines (HIG)

In addition to all videos, announcements, and challenges at WWDC this past week, Apple gave its Human Interface Guidelines a major face-lift. Have a look at the new and improved docs.

Writing inclusively

Planning on writing an article about accessibility? Apple has a set of guidelines for what phrases you should use and which ones to avoid, so your articles are as inclusive as possible.


Accessibility on dual screens

Bianca Miron wrote an article about accessibility on dual-screen devices. In addition to what she mentions about managing fragments, what else should be considered to prevent accessibility issues on dual-screen devices? Send me an email at :)

Accessibility Testing

In this video, see all the ways you can be testing your Android app for accessibility.

Accessibility testing - Accessibility on Android


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