Accessible Mobile Apps Weekly - Issue #3

Hello everyone and welcome to issue #3 of Accessible Mobile Apps Weekly!

I know all the iOS developers out there have WWDC on the brain. Don't forget to sign up for their accessibility lounge, and keep your fingers crossed they announce great things for iOS accessibility next week.

- Robin

P. S. Send me an email if you’ve got something to share for issue #4: :)

Learn how to use a screen reader

Do you really know how to use a screen reader? Check out the ScreenReader app (for iOS and Android) that may teach you some shortcuts you didn't know before.

How to write user stories for accessibility

Do you write user stories for accessibility? If not, read this article to see what those user stories would look like.


WWDC 2022 is almost here!

Don't forget to sign up for the accessibility lounge before next week.

Developing Inclusive Mobile Apps

Check out The Engineering Leader interview with Rob Whitaker on Developing Inclusive Mobile Apps

Support Daniel #365DaysIOSAccessibility

He's on a mission to Tweet about iOS accessibility until GAAD 2023. Encourage him to keep going because his content so far has been great.


New to accessibility in JetPack Compose?

Take a few minutes to go through Google's CodeLab for Accessibility in Jetpack Compose.

Vous parlez français ?

For all the French-speakers out there, here's the replay of the accessibility talk from Android Makers in Paris.

L'accessibilité, c'est pas sorcier ! by Fanny Demey (Freelance) and Gerard Paligot (Decathlon) FR


Envision is hiring

Ever wanted to work for a company centered around accessibility? Take a look at Envision and their job openings for iOS and Android Engineers.