Accessible Mobile Apps Weekly - Issue #26

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The History of Digital Accessibility

"The internet can seem like a wonderland of connectivity, and the importance of being part of that connection is increasingly important to the daily lives of people around the globe. Unfortunately, however, making sure that digital communication is accessible to people with disabilities isn’t always a high priority as new technologies are being developed. Addressing the access gap created by neglecting digital accessibility is long overdue." -

Why you need to monitor and report on accessibility—all the time

"Aren’t you “done” with accessibility when you fix all the issues in an audit? While an accessibility audit is an important first step, the truth is that you’re just getting started once you finish your audit. You now have to maintain the progress that you’ve made with your website and application." -

Mobile Accessibility Testing: Making it Effective and Efficient for Everyone

Rob Whitaker - Mobile accessibility testing

San Diego Accessibility & Inclusive Design: October Meetup

San Diego Accessibility & Inclusive Design: October Meetup

What's new in WCAG 2.2

Allison Ravenhall - What's new in WCAG 2.2

What designers can learn from Apple’s new accessibility features

"Connecting the physical and digital world to provide equal experiences and access for all" -

iOS 16.2 to introduce ‘Custom Accessibility Mode’ with streamlined experience for iPhone and iPad

"Apple internally describes Custom Accessibility Mode as a “customizable, streamlined way to use your iPhone and iPad.” In some ways, the new mode should work similarly to the current Guided Access mode, which lets users lock their device to a single app. However, Custom Accessibility Mode will let users navigate through the system with some restrictions." -

Synchron Switch helps people control their iPhone, iPad with their brain: All you need to know

"This new technology allows patients to operate digital gadgets without using their hands." -