Accessible Mobile Apps Weekly - Issue #24

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A11y Camp 2022 - 3 & 10 November 2022 Online

"Australia’s premier conference on accessibility and inclusion

Two days full of conference presentations" -

#a11yTO Camp 2023 - Call for Speakers

"#a11yTO Camp is back! Want to present at Microsoft in CIBC Square on January 21, 2023? Awesome! We're always looking for new voices and exciting topics. First time presenters are always welcome!" -

Designing accessible sounds: The story behind our new chirps

"You may have noticed some new sounds on Twitter recently — things like the “chirps” you hear when refreshing your home timeline or requesting to speak in a Twitter Space. There’s a reason for that. As we work to improve the accessibility of our service, we’re updating Twitter’s sounds to help make them pleasing to more people, including those with sensory sensitivities. Here’s a quick look at what’s going on." -

Designing for accessibility

What is digital accessibility? | Designing for accessibility

Slack Workspace

Did you know we have a Slack Workspace?

Use this link to join our Slack workspace for mobile accessibility. Ask technical questions, share resources, get advice from other developers, and most importantly connect with developers who share your passion for a11y.

It’s new, so don’t hesitate to get the conversations started. :)


How to mirror your Apple Watch to iPhone in iOS 16

"If you own an iPhone and Apple Watch, you will know how seamlessly they work together. Apple Watch screen mirroring is an amazing feature that allows you to cast your watch’s screen on iPhone and use it more comfortably. If you’re wondering how to mirror Apple Watch to iPhone, follow this explainer to learn more." -


iPhone 14 Pro Max Blind Unboxing

iPhone 14 Pro Max Blind Unboxing #Blind #VisuallyImpaired


Android 12 Universal Switch

Android 12 Universal Switch

Raise accessibility awareness at work as an Android developer

In case you missed Tiphaine's talk at Android Worldwide, you can find her slides here:

Improving accessibility led this UX researcher to Google

"Welcome to the latest edition of “My Path to Google,” where we talk to Googlers, interns and alumni about how they got to Google, what their roles are like and even some tips on how to prepare for interviews.

Today’s post is all about Jerry Robinson, a user experience (UX) researcher on our Central Product Inclusion, Equity and Accessibility team." -

Analysis of a malware exploiting Android accessibility services

"Recently, the Pradeo Security solution neutralized an application using Android accessibility services for malicious purposes on a protected device. The identified malware was installed through a phishing link. It pretends to be a QR code scanning application but actually exploits the accessibility permission to perform fraudulent banking transactions." -

Surface Duo Update brings familiarity with Windows 11 and Android 12L improvements

"Android 12 improves accessibility with a more spacious design for UI elements, contrast optimizations and new visibility features from magnification to brightness and color management." -


Android Accessibility Design Technologist at DoorDash: