Accessible Mobile Apps Weekly - Issue #22

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Dyslexia friendly style guide

"This Style Guide provides principles that can help ensure that written material considers the difficulties experienced by some dyslexic people and allows for the use of text to speech to facilitate ease of reading. Adopting these principles for dyslexic readers has the advantage of making all written communication easier on the eye for everyone." -

Twitter: How to add image descriptions

From the Twitter Help Center, a guide showing how to add an image description. It's a good resource to forward to anyone new to image descriptions.  -

Accessibility Insights with Heather Dowdy of Netflix

Accessibility Insights with Heather Dowdy of Netflix


Ask Apple (October 17 – 21): Accessibility & Inclusion Q&A

"Join us for Ask Apple, a new series for developers to connect directly with Apple experts. Ask about integrating the latest technologies, designing intuitive UIs, testing on beta software, and so much more." -

Creating a custom speech synthesizer

"Use your custom voices to synthesize speech by building a speech synthesis provider." -

Accessible iOS Apps: Up to 11!

Check out the presentation Daniel Devesa Derksen-Staats gave at #A11yTO Conf this year:

Accessibility Smart Invert

"What’s the one accessibility feature, other than VoiceOver, you wish more developers knew about?" -


Android Accessibility by Tutorials - Version 2

Victoria Gonda updated her existing book on Android Accessibility:

Braille on Android, by Devin Prater

"In this article, I'll overview Android's passed support for Braille, and talk about how it's current support works. I'll also compare it to Apple's implementation. Then, I'll discuss how things could be better on both systems." -

Use Accessibility tools for sound alerts and audio descriptions

Use Accessibility tools for sound alerts and audio descriptions