Accessible Mobile Apps Weekly - Issue #2

Hello everyone and welcome to issue #2 of Accessible Mobile Apps Weekly! This week I've got a few articles to share with you about iOS and Android, one job opportunity as a director of accessibility (if you're feeling ambitious), and a podcast about an accessible startup.

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Podcast: Parallel #72

Creating products intended to serve the needs of people with disabilities requires all the hard work of any software project, along with special challenges for small, bootstrapped startups. We'll talk with a cofounder whose company builds mobile apps for people with vision loss and hearing impairments.


Event: SwiftUI Series - Accessibility

Check out the re-play of the SwiftUI Series accessibility competition on Youtube.

Article: SwiftUI & Accessibility: Goodies and Gotchas, by Deque

In the latest accessibility article by Deque, they review the "goodies," or out-of-the-box accessibility features, that come with the SwiftUI framework for native iOS development.

API: AXNameFromColor

Check out a cool API that produces a common name for a CGColor:


Article: State Descriptions

State descriptions are a relatively new addition to the accessibility toolbox on Android, having been added in Android 11 (API 30). It’s a dedicated property used to describe a UI component’s current state.

Article: Accessibility Tags are Coming to the Google Play Store

Android users can now search for apps on the Play Store marked with accessibility tags:

  • Screen reader-friendly
  • Visual assistance
  • Hearing assistance
  • Learning disability
  • Motor assistance

Book: Android Accessibility

Victoria Gonda wrote an entire book about Android accessibility on Even if you're not a beginner in Android accessibility, it's a great book to have as reference.


Director of Accessibility at Github

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