Accessible Mobile Apps Weekly - Issue #19

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Appt Beta

"The beta version of the Appt platform was launched on 22 September. Read articles about accessibility features and their usage, learn from code samples for Android, iOS, Flutter, React Native, Xamarin, and understand relevant accessibility guidelines."

The beta is publically available at:

Bas: My Accessibility Story

Check out Bas' talk from NSSpain 2022

2 - Bas: My Accessibility Story - Bas Broek on Vimeo

Accessibility: The “Everyone” Kind of Problem.

"Recently, closed captioning has been elevated to Curb-Cut Effect status. Closed captioning (or subtitles) is a feature built into digital video players that allows the auditory-impaired audience to read the audible dialogue/narration of a video. Younger generations have embraced this feature because of its usefulness on social media platforms that show video content, particularly on mobile devices." -


iOS Accessibility With Shelly Brisbin - Door Detection, Apple Watch Mirroring, VoiceOver, and more!

iOS Accessibility With Shelly Brisbin - Door Detection, Apple Watch Mirroring, VoiceOver, and more!

Detecting when VoiceOver is Running

Explore the threads around this tweet to learn about when (or if) you should change your user experience when VoiceOver is on.


Accessibility in prices, our learning from the Android perspective

"How we improved the accessibility for our price component, and how it showed us the way towards new knowledge for our design system." -

The Ungodly Surveillance of Anti-Porn ‘Shameware’ Apps

"Churches are using invasive phone-monitoring tech to discourage “sinful” behavior. Some software is seeing more than congregants realize."

"The applications exploited Android’s accessibility permissions to monitor almost everything someone does on their phone. While the accessibility functionalities are meant to help developers build out features that assist people with disabilities, these apps take advantage of such permissions to either capture screenshots of everything actively being viewed on the device or detect the name of apps as they’re being used and record every website visited in the device’s browser." -


Flutter: Crafting a great experience for screen readers

"While building the Wonderous app, we wanted to craft a great experience for visually impaired users using screen readers. Flutter does an admirable job working with these systems out of the box, but app developers also have work to do to create a polished user experience. In this post we’ll look at how screen readers work and then run through the top accessibility related lessons we learned along the way." -