Accessible Mobile Apps Weekly - Issue #18

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Accessibility is for Every One

"Back when I worked at Apple, on the Accessibility Team, we’d often receive bug reports from customers. Sometimes we’d get hundreds of the same one, and sometimes just a few. However, there was a certain class of reports that this story is about. It went something like this, “Hello, I have this specific disability X. It causes these symptoms and issues for me. When I try to do Y in your product, I cannot." - Sommer Panage

From Our Slack Workspace

Not in the Slack group? Use this link to join our Slack workspace for mobile accessibility. Ask technical questions, share resources, get advice from other developers, and most importantly connect with developers who share your passion for a11y.

It’s new, so don’t hesitate to get the conversations started. :)


How to Fix Common iOS Accessibility Issues

"iOS provides a lot of accessibility behavior for free, so it’s a great start to making a mobile application accessible. Unfortunately, accessibility is more complicated than the iOS behavior can address, and using only default behavior can actually cause the app to have additional issues." -

Color Filters

Dynamic Type App

"Useful developer and designer reference details for iOS' dynamic type system for scaling text. The app provides a visual representation of each type style at each Dynamic Type scale, plus details on the point size and scale percentage to ensure your app can be accessible and conformant with WCAG." - App Store by Rob Whitaker


Accessibility insights. How to make the most of android’s accessibility features.

"In this write up, we are going to discuss ways we can make Android app more accessible, and by the end of this you will know the most basic ways you can improve your app for a11y." -

Improving app accessibility with Jetpack Compose

"This week, we’d like to share how we started improving the accessibility of our Compose samples. Accessibility in Android can relate to many different aspects of your apps, ranging from content descriptions and color contrast to layout hierarchy and touch target size. Regardless of where you start, know that improving accessibility will ensure better experiences for all users!" -

Accessibility on dual screen apps

Twitch #69: Accessibility on dual screen apps