Accessible Mobile Apps Weekly - Issue #15

Hi everyone!

Hope you're having a great week. As much fun as it is to interact on Twitter and through this newsletter, what if we had a Slack Workspace where we could chat even more about mobile accessibility?! In my head, this is a great idea, but I'd love to hear what you think. Give me a shout.

And as always, feel free to send me suggestions for the next issue via email ( or Twitter.

- Robin

Slack Workspace

Join the new Slack workspace for mobile accessibility!

Ask technical questions, share resources, get advice from other developers, and most importantly connect with developers who share your passion for a11y.

It’s new, so don’t hesitate to get the conversations started. :)

Giving a damn about accessibility: A candid and practical handbook for designers

Got any designers on your team interested in accessibility? Check out the Medium article here, or download the PDF directly here.

Why Slack’s new accessibility manager says the work is never done

"Sommer Panage, Slack’s senior accessibility manager, talks about her goals since joining the company in April and how she hopes to build a more accessible product." -

New Success Criteria in WCAG 2.2

"This article is an overview of the new Success Criteria (SC) in WCAG 2.2 (Editor’s Draft). We’ll be looking at each of the new SCs in turn, describing their requirements in plain language, and discussing how to meet them." -


Reduce Motion: How To Make Your iOS App Animations Accessible and Inclusive

"When creating iOS animations for your apps, you should always consider the needs of people who may be sensitive to excessive motion and screen effects. Luckily, you can implement the reduce motion feature in your app to allow users to turn off screen movement. This article covers “reduce motion” implementation in real iOS apps. You will also learn how to detect and implement the feature for SwiftUI animations." - Amos Gyamfi

Designing for scalable Dynamic Type in iOS for accessibility

"When we wanted to implement accessibility settings on our iOS mobile app, I had to figure out where to start. Looking online, I could only find engineering resources. It was all about code and how to implement it with UIKit or SwiftUI with plenty of great code blocks and examples, but as a designer, I had a few more questions" -

AssistiveTouch Tutorial

How to use AssistiveTouch on your iPhone or iPad — Apple Support


Peloton Tread Accessibility: TalkBack Screen Reader

"Peloton is committed to providing the best, most immersive, and accessible experiences for all of our Members. We’re proud to add TalkBack to the Peloton Tread to allow Members to receive spoken feedback from the Peloton Tread touchscreen." -

How Dev Teams Can Make Images Accessible in Android

"It’s a relatively simple process to make images in iOS apps accessible: provide a content description for the image and that’s it. In Android, however, the content description attribute links a text description to a control, ImageView, or other focusable objects that otherwise has no content. There is a lot of ambiguity when it comes to deciding whether to make an image accessible to a TalkBack user or not." - Deque

A folding phone might just be what you need to enjoy photography with a bad back

"Foldables let you bend the phone to get that low wide-angle shot, instead of your body" -