Accessible Mobile Apps Weekly - Issue #14

Hey everyone!

Hope you're having a great week.

This week I had the opportunity to speak about testing for accessibility at SwiftConf. In this two-day conference, there were not one but THREE talks about accessibility! All talks were recorded, so I'll share the Youtube links with you as soon as they are available.

As always, feel free to send me suggestions for the next issue via email ( or Twitter.

- Robin

Automation and Accessibility

Is your organization ready to automate accessibility checks?

Automation and Accessibility - What You Need To Know


Take a deep dive into color theory, visual impairments and UI design with this new interactive tool by Nate Baldwin:


Going to SXSW 2023? There's a few days left to vote on proposals, like Jennison Asuncion's panel on "Digital Accessibility Is the Next Trend in Tech" - SXSW PanelPicker


What are VoiceOver Actions?

"When VoiceOver finishes speaking some items it may add the phrase "actions available". This is to inform you that a menu of actions is available that can be performed on the current item and can be accessed by swiping up or down with one finger." -

Seeing Chicago differently with iPhone and iPad

"Participants of The Chicago Lighthouse’s Photography for All program gain independence, confidence, and creative skills" -

iOS 16 Accessibility Update for Apple Maps

"VoiceOver users now get automatic sound and haptic feedback that identifies the starting point for walking directions in Maps." - and


Researchers Bypassed Android 13’s New ‘Restricted Setting’ Security Feature

"Android 13 brings in various security upgrades and particularly Google has ‘restricted’’ the use of Accessibility Service in the new version. However, Threat Fabric says they have successfully overcome these limitations and managed to avoid the new restrictions added in the new OS version." -

Restricted Setting: Sideloaded apps may be blocked from accessing Accessibility and Notification Listener APIs

"Notification listener is an API that lets apps read and dismiss all notifications outside of work profiles. The API is useful for cross-device notification syncing, but it’s valuable for malware authors due to the potential for abuse. Malicious apps can read the content of incoming texts and emails among other sensitive data. Thus, it makes sense why Android 13 also blocks users from enabling the notification listener for an app sideloaded via a non-session-based package installation method." -

Top 10 Free Accessibility Apps for Android Phones

You know Accessibility Scanner, but do you know EVA Facial Mouse, Sound Amplifier, and Live Transcribe?

What about Look to Speak?

Getting started with Look to Speak