Accessible Mobile Apps Weekly - Issue #12

Hi everyone, and welcome to issue #12!

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- Robin

App Spotlight: Envision AI

You've probably already heard about Envision and the Envision app, but did you know it's now free for all users? Check out their article discussing the end of their subscription plan.

As a bonus, IllegallySighted has done an in-depth review of their app on Youtube:

IOS & Android Accessible App Spotlight - Envision AI (2022 Free for Everyone Update)

Google's UX Design Certificate

Take a walk in a UX designer's shoes and learn about inclusive design:

How can developers better prioritize accessibility throughout their project cycles?

"In today's edition, we hear from tech execs and developers about how they prioritize accessibility throughout a project cycle." - Protocol


How to Design for Accessibility with Your iOS App

Ryan Cole wrote a great article about the work he's done making the Mint app accessible.

He even has a GitHub repo with accessibility examples you can clone.

SwiftLint accessibility_label_for_image

Ryan also contributed to SwiftLint by creating the rule accessibility_label_for_image.

"I contributed the first accessibility rule for SwiftLint, which checks for SwiftUI Images that are created without a label and aren’t hidden from assistive technologies like VoiceOver. If you use SwiftLint, make sure you turn on the accessibility_label_for_image rule in your project!" - Ryan

360 iDev (in-person and online)

In addition to Rob Whitaker's workshop on identifying and fixing iOS accessibility issues, Mark Pospesel will be giving a talk on engineering beautiful and accessible text:

"An integral part of design systems and style guides is typography. Typography declares how text will appear in your product by specifying the font family, size, weight, line height, etc. While much of our focus on design goes towards colors, icons, and images, text is the primary way users interact with the majority of apps. Learn how to implement typography in your apps in a way that is accurate to the source designs, fully accessible, and that makes assembling pixel perfect implementations of the source designs a breeze." - 360iDev


Make Android Apps More Accessible for All

Here's a nice article with a checklist of making Android apps accessible with TalkBack, VoiceAccess, and SwitchAccess.

A Practical Introduction to Accessibility on Android

It may be from 2018, but this article is pretty in depth, with some nice examples.

Grouping Semantics in Jetpack Compose UI

"The semantics modifiers let us change aspects of the semantics tree in Jetpack Compose UI — a representation of the UI that’s helpful for accessibility services and the testing framework." - Ataul Munim