Accessible Mobile Apps Weekly - Issue #11

Hello everyone!

Are there any React Native developers in the house?

Formidable, has recently announced an open-source library and guidelines to help build accessible mobile apps using React Native.

React Native AMA can be found on GitHub, with accompanying guidelines and introductory blog post here.

Thank you, Alessandro for putting this on my radar. Looks like a great project!

As always, feel free to send me suggestions for the next issue via email ( or Twitter. Send me a quick message, too, if you’d like to hear more about React, Flutter, or another cross platform technology.

- Robin

My War on Animation

"We are surrounded by a world of motion and I would like to get off of it" - The Verge

The Business Case for Digital Accessibility

"This article examines the rationale for organizations to address accessibility. It includes tangible and intangible benefits, and the risks of not addressing accessibility adequately." -

Play is a Fundamental Human Need: Xbox Exec on the Future of Accessible Gaming

"... until relatively recently, the industry has been slow to adapt to the varying needs of players, favoring a one-size-fits-all approach to difficulty and input devices. That’s left many disabled gamers frustrated, underserved, and left in the dark as to whether a game will meet their needs." -


Modifier Monday: .accessibilityActions()

"The ability to add accessibility custom actions has been around in SwiftUI, so that’s nothing new. Plus, most of the time, SwiftUI controls are accessible right out of the box. Thankfully, for everyone involved - that means you get a lot for free." -

Upgrade Podcast #417: The Verticals

"In this special Summer of Fun episode, Jason and Myke welcome three special guests to discuss how development, accessibility, and widgets have been affected by Apple's latest operating-system cycle." - Upgrade

How to Make the Most of your iPhone's Accessibility Features

"Apple offers a lot of accessibility options for the iPhone. Having difficulty seeing things on your iPhone? Make them bigger. You can also make them brighter (or less bright, or even differently colored if you have a form of colorblindness). You can even make them less migraine-inducing, or have Siri read and describe everything on your screen to you." - The Verge

Know any switch users on iOS?

Personal Power: Getting the Most From iOS as a Totally Blind User

"My objective was to create an ebook to teach totally blind owners of iPhones how to make the most out of their devices. I go right from the beginning with a section on setting up your device even if you're totally blind and have never felt an iPhone before. From there, I explain the VoiceOver screen reader built into every iPhone. I also explain the iOS operating system and much else besides." - Michael Feir


Android Accessibility Tutorial for Multilingual Apps

"If you plan to launch an Android app for international markets, considering accessibility features and services as early as possible in the internationalization process can help you boost your app's reach from day one. Here's how to make your Android app cater to visually impaired users." -

Use Camera Switches

"You can use Camera Switches to navigate your phone with a few simple facial gestures. When you use Camera Switches, you can browse or select apps on your phone with the use of your phone’s front camera." - Android Accessibility Help

Know any switch users on Android?

How to Make the Most of Android's Accessibility Features

"Accessibility features aren’t exactly the most well-known pieces of the modern smartphone puzzle. And yet, they might be the pieces with the greatest potential to make a meaningful impact on someone’s life." - The Verge

The cover photo for this issue comes from Unsplash