Accessible Mobile Apps Weekly - Issue #10

Hey everyone,

We've made it all the way to issue #10 (wahoo!). This week I was chatting with some people from Fable, and wanted to share a quote they use all the time:

"What we have are a few people who know a lot about Accessibility. What we need are a lot of people to know a little about it." - Matt May

I hope that encourages you to keep sharing your accessibility knowledge with others this week. Have a great one!

As always, feel free to send me suggestions for the next issue via email ( or Twitter.

- Robin

Meta-Funka Accessibility Hackathon 2022

"Meta* (formerly known as Facebook) and Funka are once again co-organising a virtual Hackathon on accessibility and inclusion, celebrating the European Week of People with Disabilities. Students and recent university graduates** from across Europe are invited to participate and pitch a product or idea that promotes digital accessibility and inclusion."

Read the full description here.

** "The Participants must be minimum 18 years of age and must be a student or recent graduate (within one year) of a university/school/college within the EEA or UK"

Curb-cut Effect

This is a good term to know in the accessibility world.

"This concept was coined by Angela Glover Blackwell and alludes to how sidewalk ramps (curb-cuts)—installed to make communities more accessible to wheelchair users—became universal because of the improved safety and ease of movement for all people. Curb-cuts benefited not only people in wheelchairs, but also people pushing strollers or carts, wheeling luggage, riding bicycles, and even running/walking" - National Cancer Institute

The Hidden History of Screen Readers

"For decades, blind programmers have been creating the tools their community needs" - The Verge


Apple makes a game-changing accessibility move – literally, for iOS games

"An Apple Accessibility plug-in has been introduced for the Unity game engine" - Tech Radar

Accessibility Standards and Toolings for an iOS Team

"This article describes the finalized workflow that our development, design, and product teams used when revamping our app’s accessibility support in the following months." - Aryaman Sharda

Just Say the Word: How to Navigate Your iPhone With Voice Control

"Apple's Voice Control helps you move around your iPhone, launch apps, dictate text, and run specific features using just your voice." - PC Mag

Apple accessibility shortcuts that are absolutely amazing

"Here are some tips on how to improve accessibility thanks to the features of these amazing Apple shortcuts made by cool developers from the RoutineHub community." -  RoutineHub


Compose & Semantics

Joe Birch wrote a nice article about Semantics in Jetpack Compose: Jetpack Compose Accessibility: Semantics

Accessibility Developer Checklist

"This document provides a checklist of accessibility requirements, recommendations and considerations to help you make sure your application is accessible." - Android Developers

Nice reminder on the importance of accessibility on Android (as well as iOS):

Samsung reveals a new update for the Galaxy Watch 4 that focuses on accessibility

"One UI Watch 4.5 will also introduce handwriting and dictation" - The Verge


Principal Accessibility Consultant at Nomensa