Accessible Mobile Apps (Bi)Weekly - Issue #31

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I hope you're having a great week, and a great holiday. To make each issue more valuable and "full" in terms of content, we're moving from a weekly publication to a bi-weekly publication. As always, don't hesitate to reach out with any suggestions for the next issue via email ( or Twitter (or Mastodon).

- Robin

136 Days Until GAAD 2023

It's time to start thinking about how you can make a difference during GAAD 2023. Read about GAAD, and browse events on their website:

4 Ways to Build With an Accessibility-First Mindset, by Sommer Panage

"[...] developers need to build with accessibility in mind. By doing so, they can create more accessible software to help workers with disabilities overcome any unique challenges they may find when interacting with technology while creating an enjoyable working environment for everyone. There are many ways to do this, however, here are some best practices and key learnings to help developers build with an accessibility-first mindset." -

How to Use Your Smartphone to Cope With Vision Loss

"From Magnifier to Lookout, here’s how you can benefit from features on Android and Apple devices." -

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4 Ways to Enable or Disable Grayscale on iPhone and iPad (and Why)

"For starters, iOS offers certain color filters you can apply on your iPhone screen. This includes the popular Grayscale mode, which turns the iPhone display black and white, making it more readable and comfortable to the eyes. In this article, let’s see how to enable or disable Grayscale on iPhone or iPad running iOS 16, reasons to use it, and other related queries." -

Apple Watch: How to set up hourly Taptic Chime alerts

"A lesser-known feature of Apple Watch is the ability to add hourly Taptic Chimes to the wearable. The handy capability works in both silent or ring modes and includes a few customization options. Here’s how to turn on hourly chimes on Apple Watch." -


accessibility_tools: ^0.1.0

"Checkers and tools to ensure your app is accessible to all. Creating an accessible app is incredibly important. But too often it's forgotten about, or left to later. This package ensures your app is accessible from day one, by checking your interface as you build it." -

4 Cross-Platform Mobile Dev Languages to Consider for Your Next App

"Flutter supports large fonts, screen readers, and sufficient contrast on top of other accessibility features supported by the underlying operating system." -