Accessible Mobile Apps - Issue #58

Accessible Mobile Apps - Issue #58
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Jakob Nielsen's Blog

Jakob Neilsen's latest blog entry was pretty controversial in the accessibility world. Have a look at his original post and one other article I found challenging his opinions:

Accessibility Has Failed: Try Generative UI = Individualized UX
Traditional methods for accessibility have been tried for 30 years without substantially improving computer usability for disabled users. It’s time for a change, and AI will soon come to the rescue with the ability to generate a different user interface for every user, optimized for that person’s unique needs.
Jakob Nielsen’s Bad Ideas about Accessibility – Brian DeConinck
Personal website and portfolio for Brian DeConinck, a digital accessibility specialist.

A letter to my younger self, as an accessibility advocate

Here's a though-provoking article by Heather Buchel, where she writes a letter to her younger self. Makes you think about what you would tell your "younger self" who is just starting out learning about accessibility.

A letter to my younger self, as an accessibility advocate
All of the things I get to say “I told you so” about, now.


Vision Pro with 1% Vision

Another solid review of the accessibility features on the Vision Pro:

Apple Vision Pro – with 1% vision | Axess Lab
I got a chance to try out the Apple Vision Pro for an hour. Having a vision impairment myself, I obviously dove straight into the…

AppleVis: What are your thoughts on iOS 18?

Check out some comments from real people using assistive technology and chatting about the latest iOS 18:

What are your thoughts on iOS 18? What would you like to see in terms of functionality and accessibility? | AppleVis
Apple is actively developing a host of innovative accessibility features, complemented by enhancements to existing settings, all set to roll out later this year. Adaptive Voice Shortcuts: Enabling a seamless user experience, this upcoming feature empowers users to personalize their accessibility settings with a distinct spoken phrase. Crafted for convenience, Adaptive Voice Shortcuts grant users the freedom to create unique phrases, effortlessly toggling accessibility features like VoiceOver, Voice Control, Zoom, and more.


Android A11y Plugin for Android

In Quintin's own words "I just released the Android Ally Plugin for Android Studio! Install it by searching for "Android Ally" in the plugins section of Android Studio. I have made a video going through all the features and it's completely open source. The goal is to encourage developers to include accessibility into their development lifecycle, and make it quicker and easier."

Accessibility Shortcuts

Carrie on Accessibility talks about her favorite shortcuts that she uses on Android:

Join the Appt Slack Group

Along with our partnership with Appt, we've merged the Accessible Mobile Apps Slack workspace with the Appt Foundation Slack workspace. 🥳

Use this link to join the Appt Slack workspace for mobile accessibility. Ask technical questions, share resources, get advice from other developers, and most importantly connect with developers who share your passion for a11y.

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