Accessible Mobile Apps - Issue #57

Accessible Mobile Apps - Issue #57
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Hello everyone,

In case you missed it in February, axe-con 2024 had an awesome lineup of talks that you can re-watch online. I've referenced a few of my favorites in this issue, but you can see the entire schedule on their website

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- Robin

axe-con 2024 Replays

The lineup for axe-con this year was as incredible as always. Here's a few of my favorites that focused more on Mobile:

You can find the full schedule with all of their talks at

Compose Multiplatform 1.6.0 + iOS Accessibility

"Compose Multiplatform is a declarative UI framework built by JetBrains that allows developers to share UI implementations across different platforms." ( In this latest version, support is added for iOS accessibility. You can read about it on and in the Kotlin Multiplatform docs.


Pixel Perfect is Dead

In another one of my favorite replays from axe-con 2024, hear Daniel Devesa Derksen-Staats talk about adaptable and accessible designs on iOS.

Vision Pro + Accessibility

Ever wondered if the Vision Pro would be useful for a person with low vision? Zach wrote a very detailed review of his experience with his new Vision Pro. Spoiler alert: He's not returning it to the Apple Store.

iOS Game Accessibility Review

Jesse Anderson reviews games and apps, giving feedback on the user experience and on the level of accessibility. In this video, he reviews the accessibility of this iOS app, Adventure to Fate: Lost Island, giving live feedback about what is accessible and what could be improved. Really interesting to watch if you've not gotten the chance to see a live accessibility review of your own app.

Accessibility Audits + UI Tests

If you aren't already using the new performAccessibilityAudit in your UI tests, here's a quick write-up by Toomas Vahter on how to use this new feature that will help prevent accessibility regressions in your app:


Android Ally

If you haven't yet seen Android Ally by Quintin Balsdon, it's a great tool to help develop your Android apps. In his own words "The Android Ally is a desktop software companion to enable testers and developers faster access to Android device accessibility features. The core goal is to simplify and encourage Android Accessibility testing. It also works on emulators, which have been problematic because of the nature of the gestures that TalkBack uses."

Check out the project on Github, and also the introductory video below:

Testing with Accessibility Scanner

Eevis breaks down what you can do with the Accessibility Scanner application when it comes to testing your app for accessibility issues:

Android Accessibility Checks

Want some inspiration for your accessibility checklist on Android? This website (also created by Eevis) has testing checklists and articles about how to test on everything from keyboards to screen readers to switch access:

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Use this link to join the Appt Slack workspace for mobile accessibility. Ask technical questions, share resources, get advice from other developers, and most importantly connect with developers who share your passion for a11y.

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