Accessible Mobile Apps - Issue #56

Accessible Mobile Apps - Issue #56
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Big news this week: Appt Foundation is sponsoring our newsletter! If you haven't checked out their site before, they're doing a lot of great work in the accessibility space:

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"Abra Desktop enables you to test the accessibility of any app from your desktop. It detects connected Android and iOS devices, and shows installed apps. Next, you can scan for accessibility issues in any app."

Abra Desktop — Abra
Abra Desktop enables you to test the accessibility of any app from your desktop.

Inclusive Design and Dementia

Read about inclusive design considerations as they relate to users with dementia. This could be great to keep in mind when you start laying out your next logo or app designs.

Designing for Inclusivity: Prioritising Accessibility in Brand Systems and Web Design
As designers, we hold the power to shape experiences, influence perceptions, and foster inclusivity. In today’s digital age, where brands transcend physical boundaries and reach diverse audiences, we must prioritise accessibility in our design processes.



Automating SwiftUI Accessibility Audits in Xcode 15

Have you started using the automated accessibility audits in Xcode 15? If not, get up to speed with this article so you can start leveraging one of the latest ways Apple is helping us build more accessible apps:

Automating SwiftUI Accessibility Audits in Xcode 15 - Holy Swift
Explore how to enhance iOS app accessibility with Xcode’s tools, ensuring inclusivity and better user experience for all abilities

Podcast Transcriptions

iOS 17.4 adds automatic podcast transcriptions. They're searchable, similar to the lyrics on Apple Music, and are generated automatically after the publication of the episode. Great accessibility win for Apple, and great inspiration for what your app's audio transcriptions could look like.

Apple Podcasts is adding automatic transcripts that work like captions
iOS 17.4 users will soon be able to access auto-generated transcripts on their favorite podcasts.

Eyedaptic v. Vision Pro

Read about a headset similar to the Vision Pro and how it could be better in terms of accessibility for users with visual impairments:

Spatial Computing vs. Differentiated Accessibility Solutions
While Apple’s Mixed-Reality (MR) Headset has been teased to offer ocular enhancement features for people with vision impairments in addition to its entertainment modules, Eyedaptic has been at the forefront of offering specialized smart glasses catering specifically to this user group since our firs
Eyedaptic | AMD Glasses | Macular Degeneration Eyewear
Simulated natural vision eyewear for AMD sufferers. Eyedaptic low vision glasses optimize the peripheral vision so everyday tasks are easier to manage.


Inclusive Android Apps

Accessibility Amplified: A Journey to Inclusive Android Apps
The pursuit of innovation frequently overshadows the requirement of inclusion. As our lives grow more entwined with digital interfaces, it is more important than ever to ensure that everyone, regardless of ability, has full access to the digital world.

Check out Google's latest accessibility improvement, Circle to Search:

Circle (or highlight or scribble) to Search
Circle to Search is a new way to search what’s on your screen without switching apps, available on select premium Android smartphones.

Join the Appt Slack Group

Along with our partnership with Appt, we've merged the Accessible Mobile Apps Slack workspace with the Appt Foundation Slack workspace. 🥳

Use this link to join the Appt Slack workspace for mobile accessibility. Ask technical questions, share resources, get advice from other developers, and most importantly connect with developers who share your passion for a11y.

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