Accessible Mobile Apps - Issue #53

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European Accessibility Act

Are you ready for 2025? Check out this resource from APPT to help you get prepared:

Sight Tech Global 2023: Replays

Missed Sight Tech Global this year? You can find the replays of their sessions here on their website:


Recently, the bank HSBC has opened their accessibility training to the public for free.


Apple Developer Academy

(This article's in French, so you'll need to use a translation tool.) Sarah Herrlinger, director of accessibility at Apple, made a visit to the Apple Developer Academy in Italy to teach the students about accessibility. She had a really fun quote about accessibility: "Accessibility is like the blueberries in a blueberry muffin. You don't add them in once the muffin is already cooked."


Droidcon Academy Course

Quinton Balsdon has released a (paid) course on accessibility on the Droidcon Accademy! He covers everything from Espresso to animations to Switch Access, so it's definitely worth a look.

Accessibility Done Right

Ancient Board Game Collection

Shout out to Klemens Strasser for his Ancient Board Game Collection! Read more about his work, and how accessibility was always a priority for him, in his latest interview by Apple:

Bravo! And keep up the good work 😄

AppleVis Golden Apple Awards

Each year AppleVis gives out awards for accessible iOS applications. So if you want some good examples of accessibility done well, check out the list of winners and nominees for this year's awards:

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