Accessible Mobile Apps - Issue #51

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Persona Profiles and Accessibility Testing

Do you use personas when thinking about how to design your app? Read about how the UK government uses personas, and even see what kind of personas they use.

Accessibility Ally

A nice refresher on how to be the best accessibility ally you can be:


Accessible Animations

Stefan and Amos gave a great talk about accessible animations at Pragma Conference this year. Check out the replay below!

Reveal: Insights

Reveal recently released Insights, a paid tool to help you build and test your app for accessibility. I've enjoyed using it so far, so if you have the budget, it's worth a look:

Tap Gesture vs Button

A nice reminder of the benefits of using the native Button, over making custom tap gestures yourself:

Sensory Feedback in SwiftUI

See how you can use and customize the view modifier sensoryFeedback in this article, so you leverage haptic feedback to improve the accessibility of your app:


Iguana and UI Check

A new feature in Android Studios Iguana can check your Compose UI and give you feedback if any accessibility issues are found. Check out the developer docs:

Compose and Content Description

When you're working with composables, some don't have a straight-forward way to set the contentDescription. This article shows you how you can go about getting the right information into the semantics tree anyway.

Celebrating accessibility and disability inclusion at Google

Read about three Googlers who champion accessibility at Google:

TalkBack Gestures: Cheat Sheet

Need a refresher on all you can do with TalkBack? Check out this cheat sheet to see a resume of shortcuts and gestures:

Join the Accessible Mobile Apps Slack Group

Use this link to join our Slack workspace for mobile accessibility. Ask technical questions, share resources, get advice from other developers, and most importantly connect with developers who share your passion for a11y.

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