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Accessibility vs emojis

"Emojis can be a great and fun way to convey emotions. They also add visual interest and can be a quick way to say a lot in a single character. That being said — how do emojis fare for those who can’t see them?" -

How open source provides accessibility for the neurodivergent community

"Here are four examples of how open source creates a more accessible environment for those on the neurodivergent spectrum." -

Ageism in Interfaces (from axe-con 2023)


Designing for Reduced Motion

(Although an article about web design, the principles apply to mobile as well.)

"Motion is pervasive in web and user interface design. From full-page background videos to bespoke interaction designs, you’d be hard-pressed to find a website or app that doesn’t feature some sort of motion or animation. While the emphasis is on the presence of motion, it’s just as important to consider the reduced-motion experience during design and development." -

Axe for Designers

"Easily start building accessibility into your Figma designs and confidently pass your intent on to Developers with the Auto-Annotations Beta. Driven by machine learning, it automatically scans your designs for form controls such as buttons, radio buttons, check boxes, and labels. It then adds these annotations to your designs, including code recommendations to ensure that your intent is coded correctly by developers." -

Annotating Designs for Accessibility

(Although it uses web examples, the principals can apply to mobile design as well)


Bridging the Accessibility Gap - Tony Arnold & Chris Kolbu (/dev/world/23)

Thanks, Chris, for sharing this in our Slack group! If you don't already use Reveal, you can check out their website here:


[Video] Inclusive Design at Google

"How new innovations in sound and caption technology are making online media more accessible for everyone." -

Thanks JJ for sharing this in our Slack group!

What’s new in Google accessibility | Episode 1

Thanks JJ for sharing this in our Slack group!

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