Accessible Mobile Apps (Bi)Weekly - Issue #33

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Understanding accessibility: A guide for engineering leaders

"In this panel, engineering leaders will look at what it means to provide quality products accessible to all. They will define accessibility and how it differs from usability, then discuss how to implement it in engineering and how to test that it’s working. You will gain a tangible understanding of what accessibility practices look like in the software development lifecycle and why it’s vital to keep these practices alive." -

The Internet's Accessibility Problem — and How To Fix It | Clive Loseby | TED

The Internet's Accessibility Problem — and How To Fix It | Clive Loseby | TED

Accessibility in the aspect of color-blindness

"When we start thinking about accessibility we encounter many guidelines about this topic and we don’t know where to start. There are a lot of disabilities and for this article, I would like to focus on color blindness, which is a tiny percentage of all disabilities matter." -


Voice Over, Make your iOS app accessible by Andrey Khlopotin

VoiceOver, Make your iOS App Accessible, by Andrey Khlopotin

Apple brings important SignTime accessibility service to Australia

"SignTime will allow Apple customers who are d/Deaf or hard of hearing to use sign language when visiting the Apple Store or using Apple Support. The initiative has been used in the US and other territories for a while, but it’s only now coming to Australia and Japan." -


"All of our Android accessibility code samples are now live [...] A total of 56 code samples in 8 categories: accessibility, element, input, keyboard, linting, media, screen and text." -

Android Makers by Droidcon: CFP Open!

Got an idea for a tech talk about accessibility? The CFP for Android Makers by Droidcon in Paris, France is open! Check out the conference website here: and the Call for Papers here:

What accessibility features are on Pixel Watch?

What accessibility features are on Pixel Watch?